The Worst Ways to Treat Your Motorcycle Helmet

June 21, 2017

The Worst Ways to Treat Your Motorcycle Helmet

We've seen it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly ways to store your motorcycle helmet. But most of the time, riders don't know that they're stashing their helmets the wrong way. If you're doing any of the following, you may be shaving years off the lifetime of your helmet.

#1: The Dog Pile

Throwing your helmets on the ground can quickly accumulate scratches, dings, and will wear down the finish.

storing motorcycle helmets on the ground is a no-no. buy a helmet halo!

#2: The Bar Fly

The most common move, just second to the Seat Plant. Don't worry--we've done it, too. And we learned the hard way. With both of these storage missteps, riders risk helmets falling off handlebars and cracking. Don't rack up bill repairs or hefty replacement fees.

hanging motorcycle helmets off the handlebar -- don't do this. Get a Helmet Halo.

#3: The W.T.F.

Okay. This one just hurts our feelings. We see helmets hanging out upside down like this, and we can't help but run over with a Helmet Halo to cradle and stabilize it. There are environmental factors that can wear down your helmet's core and surface: abrasive surfaces such as wood, asphalt and brick, water and mud.

why would you even story your helmet upside down with a nonabrasive cradle to stabilize it?

Your motorcycle helmet is one of your best investments. Let's give it a longer life.

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