HELMET HALO / Portable Helmet Stands

The Helmet Halo is the only portable motorcycle helmet stand available to riders.

This clever new accessory will help all motorcyclists protect their helmet(s) from drops, rolls, spills, accidents, harsh surfaces and weather.

It’s like an insurance policy for their helmet.

Here are just a few of the advantages riders enjoy by using a Helmet Halo:

  • It’s an easy, simple way for riders to protect and manage their helmet while on the road- and at home
  • It’s lightweight, compact, sturdy and portable
  • It travels easily with a rider, fitting into any side bag, back-pack or jacket pocket
  • It prevents wear and tear on a helmets collar – no more scuffs or scratches
  • It’s a must have for helmets with Bluetooth to protect the mount or wires
  • It allows for maximum ventilation on those hot, steamy days
  • It’s Made in the United States

— And perhaps most importantly —

  • It can be customized with your brand! Riders can be your mobile marketers!

Designed to protect one of your most important investments.


    How do you use a Helmet Halo? Just place it on any surface. Flip your helmet upside down, place on the Helmet Halo and find it's center of gravity to locate it's most stable position.

    Use your Helmet Halo while gearing up, to manage your helmet at work or when stopping for a bite, grabbing a beer with your friends, when running errands..... or whenever and wherever you break on your next adventure.

    The Helmet Halo solves a universal problem by offering riders a smart way to stabilize and secure their helmet when they're not using it.

    The Helmet Halo is portable, lightweight, tough and tested to withstand asphalt, concrete, floors, counters, any abrasive surface and almost every extreme weather condition. It's like an insurance policy for your helmet.

    It fits nicely in a side or tank case, top box or backpack. Or, coil it up and tuck it in your jacket pocket!

    "Genius."   ---  J. Combs, Panama City, FL 

     "This is perfect for the garage, in the house and definitely on the road! I set the Helmet Halo on the radio rack, tool-bench, concrete, restaurant table and don't have to worry about my helmet anymore! I'm impressed at how absolutely secure the helmet is when on the Helmet Halo. Really something! Excellent product!--- Jeff M., Asheville, NC 

    "It makes gearing up so much easier."  -- C. Elliott, Asheville, NC


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