Helmet Halo™ Collection


The world’s only portable motorcycle helmet stand that goes with you anywhere. Whether riding to a rally, out to dinner or just catching the sunset, you’ll always have a secure way to keep your helmet with you.


Made from a specially-crafted Thermo Plastic Urethane (TPU), the Helmet Halo is durable, "coils" up easily to fit in your jacket, and maintains its structural integrity. Helmet Halo is great for fitting in your pocket to take on the road or as a beautiful helmet display stand for your home.  

Makes a great motorcycle gift for him or her!


When it comes to ensuring product quality, we test the Helmet Halo so it can go on any adventure.  We evaluate our Halos against predefined quality measures, including extreme climate conditions, average to frequent road use, and flexibly functional design. Throughout these processes, we ensure our Helmet Halos will ultimately offer high performance under a variety of conditions.


From start to finish, Helmet Halo is proudly made in America. Designed, tooled, and manufactured in the U.S.A., we support our local workers and vendors. We are dedicated to creating a durable, “Proud to be an American-made” product.

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